Supplying the USA with Multichem® Third Party Quality Control Material and
IAMQC® Diagnostic Informatics from Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics develop and manufacture third party quality control products which enhance the quality of patient test results, improve the efficiency of clinical laboratories and reduce overall costs

  • Multichem IA Plus and SPlus, Third Party Quality Controls
  • Technopath IAMQC Transfer Quality Control Software
  • Technopath i-plaq test for LpPla2
Multichem® Third Party Quality Controls

Multichem QC improves the efficiency and cost effectiveness of clinical laboratories. Discover Multichem QC>> 

Quality Controls Explained

Enhancing the quality of patient testing and clinical laboratory performance
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iamqc® Quality Control Software

The most advanced connectivity solution available for laboratory instrumentation
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